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'Jumping the Broom'

Everything you need to know about this mini ceremony.

Bride, groom, celebrant, bessam broom

Where did 'jumping the broom' originate?

There are a couple of theories over the origin of 'jumping the broom'.

One theory is that it originated in West Africa, where it was used as a part of traditional wedding ceremonies. It was believed to symbolise the couple sweeping away their past and starting a new life together.

The other theory is that it's originantes from a date in the 18th century, when it was largely practiced by marginalised populations in Europe, “such as traveling communities like the British Romani, rural Welsh communities, Irish individuals and various other people who lived on the margins of the British Isles.”

Bride, groom, bessam broom, jumping the broom

Why 'jump the broom'?

Today, couples may choose to 'jump the broom' as part of their wedding ceremony to honour their ancestors and to symbolise the start of their new life together, it signifies two families becoming one.

When in the Ceremony does 'jumping the broom' take place?

After the couple complete their wedding vows, they quite literally jump into their new life together, leaving any old uncertainties behind.

The broomstick is usually decorated with ribbons, flowers, or other decorations.

Unusual variations of the 'jump the broom' ceremony can include the couple jumping over a heart-shaped wreath, a ladder, or a ribbon.

The couple can also choose to jump over a broomstick that has been decorated with items that represent their relationship, such as photos, mementos, their culture and heritage or other meaningful items.

Bride, groom and celebrant jumping the broom
Jumping the Broom

How to incorporate 'jumping the broom' into a ceremony.

Your celebrant will help the couple create a meaningful ceremony lcts their values and beliefs.

They will also provide guidance on the symbolism of the broom and how to incorporate it into the ceremony. The celebrant can also provide advice on how to make the ceremony meaningful and memorable for the couple and their guests.

No matter how the couple chooses to jump the broom, it is sure to be a memorable and meaningful moment in their lives, creating a unique and special moment that they will remember for years to come.

Bride's dress - The Ivory Gallery

Groom's suit - Fallen Hero

Celebrant dress - Wats On Boutique

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