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Handfasting - What is it?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Handfasting is one of the mini ceremonies we can include in your service.️

What is handfasting?

“The handfasting ritual is one of the oldest wedding customs in the world, and it was how engagements and marriages were symbolised and legalised. Traditionally, a handfasting was valid for one year and one day, after which time the couple could continue with the relationship or part ways.”

Handfasting cord

I use a five ribbon handfasting cord, which I plait together for you ready for your day.

The colours of the ribbons all have a meaning, you can find a link to the meanings at the end of this blog. You can also choose the colours of the ribbons based on your colour scheme, your choice.

You can exchange your vows, and rings whilst handtied, it is a lovely intimate ceremony and you do actually tie the knot!

I always say to couples, that if you are ever sorry, and don't have the words to express it. Then place your handfasting cord on your pillow at bedtime, to symbolise your apology.

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