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Welcome to your new addition

New baby, adopted child, step child - this ceremony is designed to welcome them into the family. 

The ceremony can take place in any location of your choice and consist of anything you like. If you want to include elements of religion you can.

You can still choose Guideparents (known as God parents) and/or Grandparents who will make their promises and pledges.

Share your love, hopes and dreams. 


What's Included:

Meetings to discuss your plans

Personal WhatsApp group

Writing of ceremony

Sourcing the most meaningful readings, poems and music

Officiating the ceremony on the day

A copy of your ceremony

Ceremony Certificate 

Price List



From £340

*a booking fee of £80 is required 



From £320

*a booking fee of £80 is required


Monday to Friday

From £220

*a booking fee of £40 is required

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