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Mini ceremonies


Wedding ceremony hands tied in nautical rope handfasting vows_edited_edited.jpg

Hand fasting

Handfasting is an ancient marriage ritual that is becoming increasingly popular.

It may be where the phrase ‘tying the knot’ originates from.

The ceremony involves the couple's hands being placed together and bound with ribbon or cord. This symbolises their joining through marriage.

You can choose the colours to match your theme or for their meanings. 

Click the link below to find out the significance of the colours.  

Blending of the sands at wedding ceremony_edited.jpg

Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony expresses the coming together of two people.​

As the grains of sand are poured into the unity vase, it symbolises that just as these grains of sand can now never be separated and poured again in the same way nor can the love and commitment of the couple.

Wedding Guest_edited_edited.jpg

First Kiss ~ Last Kiss 

This is a lovely way to include Mothers of the Bride and Groom.

As the people who gave you your first kiss in life, they are invited to come forward and give you your last kiss before handing you over with their blessing to your new Bride or Groom.

The Ring

Unity Candle  

A Unity Candle is a classic tradition that began over 35 years ago.

Lighting a unity candle during your ceremony is a special way to symbolise the joining together whilst maintaining your individuality.

A couple of family members light two small taper candles, then the couple will use those candles to light a single large candle. When the main flame is lit, it cannot be divided.

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